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Breaking Business As Usual

By David Dubbs, CEO MyDigitalHealth on

I recently attended Exponential Medicine in San Diego, a conference that attracts thought leaders and a broad cross-section of people involved in healthcare.  Daniel Kraft, the physician/inventor/founder of the original FutureMed conference, does a masterful job of attracting an elite mix of technologies, providers, and brilliant thinkers from a diverse realm of healthcare endeavor.  Daniel […]

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The Challenges of mHealth

By David Dubbs, Founder / CEO on

There is no doubt that mobile health (or mHealth) has been painfully slow to reach any meaningful adoption. In July 2014, McKinsey stated that mHealth is not a game changer. Just yesterday, Anna McCollister-Slipp, a data analytics specialist and judge for the Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize said unequivocally “The digital health revolution has failed… so far.” […]

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Introducing MyDigitalHealth Network (MDHN)

By David Dubbs, CEO / Founder on

Here at MyDigitialHealth Network (MDHN), we’ve been busy with the launch of our new platform for Heart Failure (CHF) with a nationally renown cardiology team in the U.S.

It’s an exciting day for us, and we are looking forward to connecting with you.

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