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Avoid Preventable Readmissions

MyDigitalHealth Network (MDHN) was specifically designed to help reduce hospital readmissions for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients.

Our platform addresses key factors that can simply and easily help patients manage their chronic disease
at home.

And the good news is, MDHN is FREE to both patient and provider.

A Costly Condition

Readmission for CHF is a tremendous financial burden.

As you’re aware, CMS now penalizes hospitals when patients are readmitted for CHF. Consequently, there’s a financial incentive to stabilize patients at home postdischarge. Not to mention patients are happier and maintain a better quality of life if they can avoid the hospital.

There are multiple ways we attack the problem, beginning with medication compliance to close gaps in care. We automatically pull the patient’s prescription history directly from the PBM into our tablet, so it’s comprehensive. In this way, we provide automatic medication reminders and track compliance. We also provide refill reminders when medications are running low. All automatically.

Next, we sync with multiple FDA-approved wireless devices that track key vital signs daily, as well as store these data over time. Patients can bring their tablet to share their progress with their physician. The platform is also customizable to establish triggers for every patient in the event of potentially dangerous conditions (for example, sudden weight gain; high systolic pressure; high heart rate). Automatic alerts are transmitted directly to the medical staff regarding that patient’s condition.

Keeping track of doctor appointments is another problem that we address with a built-in calendar with automatic reminders. We also provide “teach-back” with daily videos related to heart disease from renown cardiologists, nutritionists, exercise counselors, etc.

Contact Us About Our Pilots

We are currently piloting the beta version of our solution with a premier cardiology team in the U.S. We are interested in conducting additional pilots in 2014.

Our objective is to measure short and long-term effectiveness. We are interested in working with healthcare professionals as a team—and ensuring that our platform meets the needs of doctors, payers, hospitals, as well as patients.

Please contact MyDigitalHealth Network to learn more about our platform, and how we might support your efforts to lower your CHF readmissions.

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